Kindness in your Workplace

Being kind at work allows the team to be more satisfied with their jobs and it can set off a morale-boosting wave throughout an organisation, it is scientifically proven that generosity and kindness propagates and spreads.

Our Kindness Commitment

Download a free and very handy PDF guide on embedding Kindness in your workplace:

Kindness in the Workplace E-learning Resource

We have put this FREE e-learning session together for organisations and groups to use, follow, and to be inspired.

The online session runs 365 days a year and you can take the part at a time and a place that suits you, so it fits around your busy lifestyle.

Kindness in the Workplace Overview

The Science

Kindness can:

How kind is your workplace?

Introduce Kindness

Make a difference today, introduce a Random Acts of Kindness Week. 

By performing random acts of kindness on a regular basis, employees will positively contribute to the overall culture, creating a more inclusive workplace culture and a sense of belonging and wellbeing.

By being intentionally kind, we inherently bring out positive qualities in others. We can be responsive and kind individuals to promote the environment we want to live in.

  • Take coffee to someone when you go for a refill.
  • Open the door and say "Thank You" when someone does the same for you.
  • Be the last to speak in a meeting and show appreciation for other contributions.
  • Impulsively help a stressed co-worker with their deadline.
  • Publicly acknowledge other contributions.
  • Give your time as freely as you are able.
  • Be willing to listen first and ask, "how can I help?"
  • Add an ideas poster for staff to contribute their thoughts. 

Acts of kindness don’t go unnoticed, and it has a huge impact on the overall positivity in the workplace.

Change for good

Kindness not only benefits the receiver but also the giver and the whole business, creating a positive workplace culture.

Genuine kindness is something we do because we can, not because we should. 

Start a Kindness Revolution at your workplace, create a Workplace Kindness Pledge.

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