Kindness in Schools

The covid pandemic has taught us all the importance of kindness.  

Here, we look at kindness in schools and how kindness in the classroom encourages positivity which children can take with them throughout their lives.  

With a lesson plan, video and online activities, we explore the science of kindness; the fact that kindness connects us and what’s more, doubles when we share it. 

Kindness in Schools - Primary

Kindness in Schools – Secondary

Lesson plan for teachers

We have created a simple lesson plan to help primary teachers establish the aim and focus of this project, the resources and stimuli available and suggestions on further kindness activities.

Kindness in Schools E-learning Resource - Primary

Kindness in Schools Quiz

Support for parents / guardians

Kindness is just as important at home as it is in school. Here are some suggestions on how you as parents / guardians can get involved in the Connect to Kindness project. 

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Stories of kindness

Have a look at the kindness stories

Case Studies

We want to hear about your ideas and experiences of kindness projects. Please complete this short form to inspire others to be kind at school.

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